It’s been a while!

So, welcome back!

It’s been a while since I’ve updated the blog. There’s a lot of reasons for my absence, the main one being my mental health.

I started really thinking that my mom would be the only one reading it. I never thought that my blog would get as much consistent traffic as it did immediately after launching. Like, not in a million years.

But, it did. A lot more than I expected. I got a little overwhelmed, and became obsessed with it.

If you know me personally, you know that my personality swings between 1: high-strung, manic, frantic energy, obsessing on being perfect and 2: super chill, laid back “just go with it man” energy.

I got a little too anxious about the content I put out being perfect and exactly what you guys want to read. So much so that I just chose to not post anything? Which makes basically no sense looking back at it. Something entertaining is better than something perfect, right?

Anyway! Moving on.

My next goal for the blog is to integrate YouTube video content with my posts!

I’m still working out some details on that, because video production is apparently a lot more than I initially expected, but I’m super optimistic about it. I feel like I might be able to express myself more clearly on film vs in writing. Plus, videos are so much easier to watch than sitting down and reading a novel length blog post.

That being said, there won’t be anything there for a while until I work out the details (like figuring out how to keep my almost 1.5 year old daughter quiet while I film? yikes!)

For regular blog posts, I still don’t have a regular schedule nailed down yet. Life is super hectic sometimes for us.

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More coming soon.

It’s good to be back!



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