Affordable Father’s Day Gift Guide 2019!

Is it just me, or are men SO HARD to shop for? Father’s day, Christmas, birthdays. Any reason to buy a guy a gift. My dad, my husband, my brother (and every other guy I know) is impossible to shop for. I can find a perfect present for any woman in my life, but men? I struggle. Also, they NEVER know what they want. They never ask for anything and always say “I don’t know” when asked what they’d like to receive. Is this just the men in my family?

Anyone else pulling their hair out trying to think of affordable, but great gift ideas for the men in their life?
Look no further. I spent hours browsing for you, and categorized my ideas by your “type of guy.”

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The Chef/Foodie Guy:

For the man that loves to cook and eat, it’s a nice treat to buy them something they wouldn’t typically buy themselves.


Gourmet Sea Salt Sampler

This is exactly that! Would your guy ever buy 16 fancy types of sea salt to try out? Probably not! He’ll find a new favorite, and feel super fancy using them.


Hot Sauce Making Kit

Does he like it hot? For the spice-lover, this could be so exciting. Switch it up from his typical sriracha & give him a fun activity to do!

Hot Sauce To-Go

Speaking of sriracha.. If your guy puts it on everything (like I do) he’d DIE over these individual sriracha to-go packets, OR this mini keychain Tabasco! Toss them in his lunch box & in his car, and he’ll never be without the heat! Not too expensive, and so worth the novelty.

Beer Infused Hot Sauce

If your guy loves beer and loves the heat, this would be such a fun gift!

A Knife Sharpening Stone

Instead of buying him a new knife, help bring his current favorite back to life with this super affordable Whetstone.

This Cast Iron Grill Pan

It’s cold, so your guy may not want to grill outside! But with this cast iron grill pan for less than $20, he can still get some gorgeous grill marks! Bonus: its pre-seasoned.

Brass Grill Scraper

If your guy is grilling outside, grab him this! Wire brush grill scrapers can be super dangerous. If he has one, its time to upgrade.

This Hilarious (But Vulgar) Cookbook

I have a few of this company’s cookbooks. Not only are the recipes amazing, but its SO fun to actually read.

These Stainless Steel Measuring Spoons

He’ll feel super fancy using them! This would go great with the Sea Salt Sampler that topped our list.

The Eco-Conscious Guy

For the guy that’s trying to reduce his waste, recycle more or being generally more “green,” here’s a few things he will love!


Reusable Produce/Storage Bags

Instead of using single-use plastic and adding to the landfills, your guy can try out these reusable alternatives!

Glass Meal Containers

Perfect for his lunchbox, and for saving leftovers.

Bamboo Cutlery Set

This would be so cool for your guy that’s really serious about cutting down his plastic use. This set has everything he could possibly need.

Stainless Steel Straws

Save the turtles.

This 5 Pack of Biodegradable Toothbrushes

It never even occured to me that toothbrushes aren’t recyclable. And you’re supposed to replace those things so frequently. Wow.

Reusable K-Cup Filter

He can still use his Keurig, without throwing away a pod every single day! Guilt free coffee.

For the Ultimate “Dad” Kind of Guy

Whether he’s actually a dad or not.


This Stanley Tool Bag

For a new homeowner (like my husband) or a guy who just has his tools all over the place, this is perfect!

A Stud Finder

I’m sensing a good joke opportunity here.
This will save him plenty of time doing that thing where they knock on walls and pretend to know what they’re listening for before they just hang the photo wherever.

This Magnetic Wristband

For holding the screws when he’s hanging stuff (on the stud this time!!!) so he’s not sticking them in his mouth. Because 1: ew and 2: what if you fall?

Your State as a Beer Cap Map

My husband found this thing! If your guy is a craft beer drinker, he’d love this!

This Beer Bottle Puzzle

It literally locks up a beer bottle! This would be so fun to keep on your home bar, and could become a really fun drinking game if that’s what he’s into.

This Book of Dad Jokes

This is super cheap, and would make a great stocking stuffer type gift. You’re punishing yourself by having to hear the Dad Jokes, but he’ll have fun.

For the Well-Groomed Guy, or the Epic Beard Guy

We all know a guy that’s super serious about his beard, his hair, or his skin.


Beard Oil/Conditioner

For keeping his beard soft and not itchy.


This Boar Bristle Brush

For distributing his new beard oil. I can only imagine how itchy beards have to be.

Man Lotion for Dry, Working Hands

Whether he needs literal Man Lotion, O’Keeffes, or just something not Brown Sugar Cinnamon scented from your purse.

Lip Balm

This Jack Black stuff is the BEST. For men and women. Feel free to steal one from him.

Hair Product

My husband loves this line. He can style his hair super quickly with this product! It’s so much cheaper online. I think the salon sells it for 2x the price.

For the Outdoorsy Guy

Whether he likes camping, hiking or just being outside.


This humangear Utensil

For less than $5, he can have an actually functional fork + spoon for all of his eating needs. Read the description, this thing is so cool.

Emergency Escape Axe/Hammer

This thing has 16 functions, and could totally come in handy!

This Credit Card Sized Multi Tool

Any guy could benefit from having this in his wallet. You never know! This is a perfect stocking stuffer.

This Pocket Sized Blanket that Fits FOUR PEOPLE ON IT.

Literally, how!? This is perfect for the beach, camping, hiking or even at a music festival.

This Inflatable Couch/Raft

It doesn’t require a pump, the name is hilarious, and it would be so useful. And definitely is a conversation starter.

For the Techy Guy


This Wireless Charging Pad

Just make sure his phone is compatible!

Or this Portable Charging Bank

A Smart Plug

If he has a Google Home or Amazon Alexa, he can integrate any on/off powered device with this smart plug. Imagine: “Alexa, turn on the coffee pot.” The future is now.

For Literally Any Guy


These Vinyl Record Coasters

Cards Against Humanity

One of our favorite games!

This Cube Key Tracker

A literal lifesaver for the guy that’s always misplacing his keys!

“If You Can Read This” Socks

Bring him a coffee, beer, bacon, wine, whatever he’s into!

A PopSocket

I can’t even hold my phone without one of these anymore. They come in tons of designs and are so cheap!


I don’t need to say anything. This is a gift for everyone in the house.

Front Pocket Wallet

Because it’s apparently bad for your spine to sit on your wallet all day!


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Father's Day Gift Guide 2019 - Budget Friendly Gifts for Him


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