Budget tips & tricks. Our budget, the strategies we use to track and plan our expenses every month to stay on top of our money without losing our minds. Having a budget is crucial to financial freedom, which is one of our biggest goals!

How to Stop Living Paycheck to Paycheck

Did you know that 76% of Americans have less than six months of expenses saved in case of an emergency?* Half of those people have even less than three months worth of expenses saved up, and 27% having nothing saved at all. These are shocking figures. Do you fall into…

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Our REAL Budget as a Single Income Family in 2018

That’s right, I’m going to tell you the real numbers in our single income family’s budget. Am I crazy? Maybe. But I want to show you that its possible to live well as a single income family. I use a zero based budget to balance my family’s finances. I wrote an…

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How We’re Paying off Six Figures of Debt on One Income

$110,000 of debt. That number may or may not come as a surprise to you, knowing that my husband & I are both only 23 years old. And no, that’s not all student loan debt! I didn’t even go to college. Well, I did – for 2 weeks, then I…

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Save Money on Groceries without Coupons or Meal Planning

While I’m a huge advocate for meal planning, and religiously do so myself, life isn’t one size fits all. Some people may not be able to stick to the meal plan, which results in extra trips to the store to pick up extra (out of budget) ingredients last minute. I…

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Why We Have So Many Savings Accounts (& why you should too!)

For my husband and I, saving is a huge priority.  We’re in our early 20’s, own a home, and have a family already. There’s a lot that we need to be saving for. We have a strong budget set, and plenty of savings goals that we’re working toward. Oh, and…

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