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for business inquiries, feel free to email me at hello@kaylahaas.com


What’s up? I’m Kayla! I’m a millennial + new mom, so basically I’m really tired all the time and a super anxious person. 😂 Nice to meet ya!

The point of this blog is to help you stop struggling with money! Whether your goal is to manage your family’s finances to afford to stay at home with your kids, to pay off debt, to save for a down payment on a house, to save for your future, or literally anything else! Maybe you’re just here because you want to save up money for some Louboutin’s. I’m not judging you!

I want to help you get your life together with easy, approachable, bite-size information & tips.

I’ve struggled financially, because honestly #thestruggleisreal

I’ve figured out how to not struggle.

I want to help you figure it out too.

Sound good?

Tackling your finances can be super nerve-wracking,

but I’m here to hold you hand through it! Hit up my social media (linked in the sidebar)! I’m always reading my DMs & I reply to every single one. Let’s talk!

Beyond finances, a little more about me:

I’m 23 years old, and live in metro Detroit with my new husband and baby girl Lilian. We call her the Bean. If you ever see that written here, she’s who I’m talking about!

Before becoming a stay-at-home-mom and blogger, I was a beauty junkie, and a barista at Starbucks! Caffeine & makeup are still my vices, although the mischievous little Bean that’s toddling around my house makes wearing a full face of makeup a rarity.

We just bought a house built in 1968. It was a rental (read: needed some work) and before that it was a group home! Everything in the house is/was original, and we’re slowly bringing it back to life. I plan to document bits and pieces of our home improvement, since we’re super cheap and may have interesting methods of approaching it!

I can’t wait to share more of my/our life with you, in addition to helping you enjoy your life more too. 🖤